Dory N

Dory Noor

Dory’s Yoga Journey started back in 2008 in Hamilton Ontario where she lived for 10 years and attended McMaster University for her Undergrad and Master’s Degree. At the time she just wanted to try something new and ease her stress from exams and school life. But through practicing Yoga and becoming involved within the Moksha community she found her calling, and made the brave move to quite corporate life and pursues Yoga fulltime.

In July 2015 she took her initial training with Moksha Yoga in Kelowna BC. Two years later she did her Moksha Flow training in Nicaragua. Her background in science and physical anthropology bolsters her teaching methods, by offering insights into the physical purpose and function of each posture, facilitating an easy to learn and easy to follow practice. As a certified Reflexologist she incorporates adjustments and massages throughout the class in order to further assist her students.

Her mission as a Yoga Instructor is to while evoking a physical and mental challenge, to also provide support, guidance and ease for the students; creating a safe space for growth, awareness and compassion.