Elliott Bettencourt

Elliott is a health and exercise enthusiast, living his passion as a personal trainer for 10 years. He came to the mat looking for a physical practice that would challenge him in a new way and since discovering Moksha Yoga, he hasn’t looked back! In the fast-paced society we live, our minds are begging for more regular attention and while meditation alone can be great for that, a physical yoga practice does that while strengthening the body.

As a teacher, he is excited about incorporating his various scopes of interest during his classes: fitness training, shiatsu therapy and traditional Chinese medicine. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with his students, friends, family and anyone else he can snare into conversation!

Elliott teaches students both old and young. As a certified kids yoga teacher, he brings non-competitive play and breath awareness to children aged 3 to adolescence.

Elliott believes deeply in smiling and laughter as well as in yoga, and its ability to carve and mould a strong healthy body and mind.