Sean M

Sean McKeown

Born and raised on a farm outside of a small town in Nowhere Ontario, Sean spent most of his youth strategizing an exit plan. In search of a life of purpose and fulfillment, he attended business school and started a career in Sales and Marketing for a Tier 1 Packaged Goods Company. Throughout this journey, Sean practiced regularly at Moksha and later became an Energy Exchange. As time passed, a realization occurred – our attention, our energy, our time is scares in this life. Slugging through survival mode and voluntarily remaining locked into golden shackles in exchange for financial accomplishment will not result in a hindsight evaluation of success and happiness.

After over seven years in Corporate Canada, an assessment of life was in order. Though uncertainty, anxiety, and a mild quarter life crisis, Sean left the business world for yoga teacher training, with the intention of using his energy to enhance, grow, learn, and thrive, both individually and as part of a community. His interest in yoga may have begun with physical conditioning in mind, but over time, the real motivator is the mindfulness, yogic philosophy and finally a feeling of fulfillment. Contributing to the collective evolution of the species through learning, cleansing, connecting and inspiring is what motivates this free spirit.

On his spare time, Sean enjoys music (can play six instruments), hiking (has hiked Kilimemenjaro and the base of the Grand Canyon), collecting post secondary degrees (currently has four) and practicing his skill of writing in the third person.