Note from the Directors

Moksha2015bw_0026-256x171 As co-owners and directors of Moksha Yoga North York and Moksha Yoga Thornhill, we want to warmly... Directors

upcoming Events

  • Moksha (Hot)

    A challenging, healthy, hot yoga sequence that is accessible…

  • Moksha Flow (Hot)

    A challenging, healthy hot yoga flow sequence. Postures are linked with…

  • Flow Level 2 (Hot)

    A challenging practice that keeps you flowing with breath…

  • Yin (Reduced Heat & Non-Heated)

    Long, deep holds to relax and restore…

  • Pilates (Reduced Heat & Non-Heated)

    A mat class that incorporates fluid motion…

  • Hatha (Non-Heated)

    Explore the foundations of Yoga Asana- physical postures, with a focus on…

  • Vinyasa 2 (Non-Heated)

    Meaning “flowing with breath”, Vinyasa is a challenging class with its roots in Ashtanga yoga, often branching out into creative sequencing of postures.   Level 2 = intermediate/experienced

  • Restorative (Non-Heated)

    Melt into deep relaxation through the support of bolsters and…

  • Barre (Non-Heated)

    Combining the principles of Vinyasa yoga, fitness and dance…

  • Prenatal (Non-Heated)

    This class is designed to enhance your pregnancy experience, encourage…

  • Yin/Yang (Non-heated)

    The Yin/Yang class flows between a strength based practice and one that moves into flexibility and relaxation. A journey of balance and breath that will take you up, and bring you down. 

  • Yoga Basics (Non-Heated)

    Learn the fundamental alignment and structural principles in yoga poses enabling you to move safely and securely in a variety of different styles and yoga classes.

  • Vinyasa 3 (Non-Heated)

    Workshop environment working on advanced arm balances, handstands, backbends, and inversions.

  • Mysore (Non-Heated)

    Mysore yoga is a particular way of practicing yoga within the tradition of Ashtanga yoga. The class is not “led” as a whole but rather all instruction is one-one-one within the group class setting. The teacher assists each student individually by giving physical adjustments & verbal instruction. In the Mysore style students learn their own… More details

  • Kids Yoga (Non-Heated)

    Kids Yoga is the perfect mixture of movement and relaxation. Sometimes we need to be expressive and get our sillies out. Other times we need to sit with ourselves and be calm. Using games and music, the kids learn yoga postures and breath work.

  • Meditation (Non-Heated)

    Meditation classes help you put your mind and body to ease. Learn how to create and sustain mediation practices that reduce anxiety and stress, and that increase focus, creativity and compassion.